Want To Help?

There are no dues or membership fees associated with being part of Santa Rosa County Citizen Corps, just an interest in helping others, be excited to learn new skills, and participate in activities supporting our community. Volunteers must complete a minimum level of training and participate in our nets, activities, and trainings. Once your initial training is completed a member can be assigned to support communications or other activities at our Emergency Operations Center, hospitals, PODS (points of distribution) and hurricane shelters.
Official membership is not required to attend any of our meetings, activities, or training sessions. Completion of the below training is only required if you wish to officially volunteer for activation during an incident or deployment.

If you’re interested in participating as a volunteer, please fill out this registration form. Anyone wishing to volunteer will require a basic background check.

All required training is free! As a matter of fact, our Citizen Corps volunteers that complete their CERT training receive a free basic CERT kit. We also encourage our volunteers to obtain their Amateur Radio technician license so they can assist with ARES as well as communicate during activations.


For More Information:

To find out more about Santa Rosa Citizen Corps, CERT, or Amateur Radio, click here.