CERT Training

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CERT classroom training

When a hurricane or some other disaster strikes, many people want to help their families, neighbors and others in the community, particularly when professional emergency responders are overwhelmed or unavailable.

Now you have the opportunity to learn what to do ALL AT NO COST!  Our next class will be held sometime in October 2018.

The Navarre Community Emergency Response Team, or Navarre CERT, conducts training from time to time throughout the year. This training consists of six sessions and takes place over two weekends. All six sessions must be completed in order to be certified that you have completed the course.

What's a typical class consist of?

A typical training session consists of learning about emergency medical operations, light search and rescue, fire safety, disaster preparedness, communications, team work, and much, much more. The class takes place over the course of two weekends, and culminates in a "live" exercise (a simulated disaster) and a brief graduation ceremony.

Are there any prerequisites?

Only one - FEMA's Independent Study course IS-317: Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams, which is taken online free of charge. The completion certificate for IS-317 should be brought to the first class session, or e-mailed (you will be given an email address the first night of class).
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What is the cost for this training?

As stated earlier, there is NO COST for the prerequisite or class. Only a desire to learn and attendance at all of the sessions is required.

If I take the training, are there any obligations?

Once you complete the training, there is no obligation to join Navarre CERT or any other CERT team. Completion of the course simply qualifies you to be part of any Community Emergency Response Team in the country should you choose to. However, you will want to keep your skills up to date, so it would be a very good idea to join your local CERT team. Along with Navarre, there are teams in Pace and Crestview with more starting up all the time

CERT Training

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in attending, fill out the Registration Form and we will be in touch with you.