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Request Form for Navarre CERT Assistance

Requests for Navarre CERT at community events MUST be submitted at least ONE MONTH before the event.  Items marked with an asterisk (*) and in BOLD are required entries.  Any additional information for your event must be provided at least five days in advance of the event.  You can send the nformation via email to, or via the USPS to Navarre CERT, 8688 Navarre Parkway, #362, Navarre, Florida, 32566.

Note that this is a multi-page form, so make sure you have filled out all the REQUIRED items before submitting.

General Information

Your Full Name:(*)
Please enter a valid name

Your Organization:(*)
Please enter your organization's name

Your E-mail:(*)
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Event Name:(*)
Please enter the name of your event

Event Location:(*)
Please enter where you event will be held

What will be done with the proceeds from your event?(*)
Please enter where the event proceeds will be directed

Contact Information

Event Point of Contact:(*)
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Home Phone:
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Work Phone:
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Cell Phone:
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Preferred contact method:
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Event Information

Event Dates:(*)
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Event day 1 start time:
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(Note: Times will pop up after date is selected.)

Event day 1 end time:
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Event day 2 start time:
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Event day 2 end time:
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Event day 3 start time:
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Event day 3 end time:
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Start time required for CERT:(*)
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End time required for CERT:(*)
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Safety and Security Information

Please note that Navarre CERT does NOT substitute for SRSO deputies or EMTs / paramedics. There are specific things that we legally can and cannot do. We will assist these agencies as THEY request. Please describe arrangements you have made with the SRSO, emergency medical services and/or private security. Be sure to include contact numbers, times, agency responsibilities, and the name of the agency's Point of Contact.
Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office (SRSO)
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Emergency Medical Services
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Private Security
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CERT Duties

Requested CERT duties at event:
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Note that we get many requests and unfortunately we cannot agree
to support every event. If you simply need parking lot attendants,
please find volunteers from within your own organization
or hire somebody.


Event Rules and Required Information

Please describe any gound rules for your event.
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Examples are: What vehicles are allowed onto the site/route during the event? May event attendees bring coolers or picnic baskets? Are bicycles / rollerblades / skateboards allowed? Are there any special rules for vendors? Are there handicap parking spots available? Note that these questions are not all inclusive.

REQUIRED ITEMS: We will need a diagram or map of the venue/route as early as possible, but no less than a week before the event.  You may send these per the instructions found at the top of this form.

For festival or fair types of events, include the following:
  • Boundaries of the grounds
  • Layout of booths, tents, vendors, etc., by number or other designation
  • Clearly marked locations of barricades and vendor access points
  • Identification of where Navarre CERT can set up our information booth and incident command tents.  For the incident command center, we will require an area 10' by 10' with an adjacent area large enough to park a van or trailer, which will stay on site during the event.
For parades, include the following:
  • The exact parade route, showing street names
  • The location where parade participants will be staged to begin the parade
  • Where participants are expected to go after the end point of the parade
  • Clearly marked locations where CERT personnel will need to be stationed

You can send the additional information via email to, or via the USPS to Navarre CERT, 8688 Navarre Parkway, #362, Navarre, Florida, 32566.
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