Volunteer Reception Center

What is a VRC?

After a hurricane or other disaster, many volunteers want to help. The Retired & Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Milton has been designated by the county to establish and operate a Volunteer Reception Center or VRC. This VRC registers and dispatches volunteers to help where needed, especially where residents are elderly, disabled, or so economically disadvantaged as to not be able to handle cleanup and repair on their own.

Sounds Good...So What's the Problem?

A major difficulty for the Navarre area is that the county seat, Milton, is separated from the South Santa Rosa area by Escambia Bay, East Bay, and Eglin Air Force Base. But many of the volunteers, and those who would be needing the most help, are in South Santa Rosa. After an event such as a hurricane, we have enough problems with communications and transportation. People should not need to physically go to Milton to register to help in their own community!

Where Does Navarre CERT Fit In?

Several Navarre CERT members have received training to open and operate a Volunteer Reception Center. If directed by Santa Rosa Emergency Management, Navarre CERT would establish a local VRC right here in Navarre. The specific location of the VRC would be announced by Santa Rosa County Emergency Management Officials.


How Can I Help?

If you are fortunate to be spared any serious problems by the next storm, and want to volunteer to help others, you may come to the Volunteer Reception Center and get an assignment.  Don't hesitate because you think you're not strong or skilled or whatever.  After a disaster, there is always a need...even if it is to register other volunteers, or provide sympathy and support to victims.

You can also obtain CERT and VRC training to fully assist your friends and neighbors in their time of need.  Click on the "Training" menu link to learn more.