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How Can CERT help your event?

Navarre CERT can provide support at any community event when the event presents an opportunity for the team to exercise the skills for which we've trained; particularly organization, communications and teamwork.  If it also provides an opportunity for us to distribute emergency preparedness information, we will also set up an information booth.

Navarre CERT WILL NOT and legally CAN NOT substitute for Sheriff's department personnel, EMT's, and/or paramedics.  However, we gladly assist them WHEN and IF they ask us to.

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Please note that any request for community assistance should be received at least ONE MONTH in advance of the event!  All members of Navarre CERT are volunteers with busy lives and cannot participate in every event.  Therefore, prior planning is critical.

Our members are all volunteers and we get many requests for our services.  Although we regret it, we cannot say "Yes" to every request.  The farther in advance of your event you submit your request, the more time we have to organize the necessary personnel and create a good operations plan.  We normally do not support an event unless its proceeds go to a good cause (e.g., a charity) or benefit the public as a whole.

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You may submit your request in one of several ways.  You can complete our online form by clicking HERE.  You may also fill out and print an Adobe PDF version of our form, found here, and mail it to us at 8688 Navarre Pkwy, #362, Navarre, FL 32566.

If you have any OTHER questions, please fill in the form below.

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