Navarre CERT Board of Directors

Meet Our Team

Here are the Navarre CERT Board of Directors.
Lou Greene
Lou GreenePresident, Chairman, CERT Coordinator, Secretary,
(Vacant)Vice-President, Operations Section Chief
Mike Sandler
Mike SandlerTraining
John P. Nelson
John P. NelsonLogistics Section
Charlie Batson
Charlie BatsonMember-at-Large
Henry Lasher
Henry LasherMember-at-Large
Steve VanDenAkker
Steve VanDenAkkerMember-at-Large,
An avid radio and computer geek, Steve has been active in Navarre CERT since 1996. He served in the military where he was radio maintenance support for the USAF Special Tactics Teams, deploying on many recovery and disaster responses, both real-world and many exercises. He has first-hand experience in dealing with tornadoes, hurricanes (typhoons), volcanic eruptions, and even a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. He holds an Amateur Extra ham radio license and is an certified instructor for several CERT and Amateur Radio emergency response courses.