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Amateur Radio Event
All CERT members and the general public are invited to see what Amateur Radio emergency communications is all about on June 23 from 1:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at Navarre Beach.

The Emerald Coast Amateur Radio Association (ECARA), of which several CERT members are a part of, will be participating in their annual Field Day exercise.  This is where they will operate Amateur Radio transceivers under simulated emergency operating conditions and make contact with as many other operators throughout the country doing the same thing.

Bring the family and make a day of it at the beach and see what Amateur Radio can do for you during a disaster situation.  They can even get you to talk on the air and make a license is required!

For more information, you can visit ECARA's website.
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2018 Hurricane season is now active.

Do you have a plan?  Are you prepared?

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We teach you to prepare yourself and your family on what to do in the event of nearly any emergency situation


We teach you the skills to help First Responders (if asked) and to provide assistance to your friends and neighbors in times of emergencies


If you are an event coordinator or sponsor, we can provide assistance with a variety of details

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